I aspire to become a writer.

To be more specific, I aspire to become a professional writer and advocate for animal welfare, environmental conservation and living a simple and sustainable lifestyle with respect and appreciation for the natural world.

I realize it will take a dedicated amount of time and practice to become a professional writer.

But to become a writer in the general sense is really quite simple. I just have to write. No need to overthink it. Just write.

However, I do have this frustrating tendency to overthink most things and usually to the point they never get done. It’s a pesty little problem (equal parts perfectionism, indecision, and procrastination) that I’m hoping to overcome with practice. The point is to actually do more of the things I want (or need) to do instead of just thinking about doing them. Big difference there!

Writing is something I enjoy doing and would certainly like to do more of. To become a professional writer will require a great deal of time and practice. Likewise, overcoming my crippling tendency to overthink will also require a great deal of practice. So why not conquer these feats together.

Here’s where the daily writing challenge comes into play. I’m challenging myself to write and post to my blog everyday for the next year. It can be any topic at any length. It’s not meant to be perfect. It’s meant to be practice. The goal is to not only improve my writing skills, but to also improve my ability to take action and do the things I really want to do!

And why everyday? Well, to push myself for one thing and to keep myself accountable. But mainly to take the edge off. With 365 writing opportunities, the possibilities seem endless and it feels more natural to just spontaneously write from the heart.


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