I hug my doggies everyday. Big ol’ bear hugs! They are just about bear size!

My husband and I have three mastiffs. Wilson, Enzo, and Sparrow. They are big babies with gentle souls and I’m pretty sure they love my daily hugs as much as I do.

But let me tell you something they definitely LOVE. No, not treats. Everyone knows dogs love treats. Muscle massages! Neil calls them “chicken leg” massages.

Most evenings when we all (just barely) squeeze onto our sofa for family relax time we make sure to give our big critters their daily rub down. Muscle massages are just as relaxing and therapeutic for dogs as they are for humans.

Wilson and Enzo, our two old fellas, are going on nine and ten respectively and both suffer from knee and hip issues typical in giant breeds. Sparrow, our adventurous and not-so-little seven month old puppy, is growing fast and loves to play hard. These daily muscle massages noticeably help to soothe the boy’s stiff achey bones while helping to soothe her growing pains.

Give it a try the next time you’re sharing the couch with your furry friend or on the floor for some cuddle time. Instead of just lightly petting your dog, give their muscles a mini massage. They’ll be your best friend!

Okay, they’ll be your best friend anyways, but I promise they’ll love you even more!

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