All or Nothing??

Nope nope nope! I think the all or nothing mentality is a thick slice of bologna. And by bologna I mean junk, garbage, poison. For real, you shouldn’t eat that processed crap nor should you fall victim to the phony bologna attitude that you either give it your all or why bother.

Why do we think this way anyways? Could it possibly be because we were trained at a young age by parents, teachers and coaches to give 100% to everything all the time. Try harder. Study more. And even now as adults we still hold ourselves to these impractical standards. Work harder. Do more.

But see, it’s impossible to give 100% to all things all the time. And therefore, it becomes all too easy to just give up on most things.

“I didn’t exercise today. Oh well, guess I’ll just eat this pint of Ben and Jerry’s. I can start my diet next week.” Sound familiar? And don’t lie! We’ve all had those moments. I’m just as guilty.

But what about the some is better than none attitude?!? Let’s try embracing that concept more!

I found myself in one of those typical all or nothing moments earlier this evening. I had been in town to meet a friend for lunch and run some errands. I arrived home right about the time we would normally eat dinner. All I really wanted to do was shower, put on some comfy clothes and relax. I felt that all or nothing mindset sneaking in. I didn’t have the time or energy to do a “full” workout so why bother? But instead I chose the some is better than none approach. I did maybe eight minutes of leg and ab exercises. But eight minutes is better than zero!

I’m not seeking a pat on the shoulder for doing eight minutes of exercise. I’m simply giving myself a high five for choosing to do just a little instead of none.

And it’s not just diet and exercise this applies to.

For years, I have “wished” I had more time to write, more time to read, more time to practice my viola, more time to volunteer.

How many books would I have read if I would have been willing to sneak in just five and ten minutes of reading here and there instead of thinking I needed an hour distraction free in the hammock before I could properly read?

And it applies to money, too! I have zero dollars in my savings account. That’s embarrassing to admit, but it, too is fueled by this ridiculous notion that since I don’t have a lot of extra money why bother saving. It’s just phony bologna. I could have easily put $5-$10 a week into savings. Yes, it seems silly but why? Ten dollars per week for five years adds up to $2600!

I guess the point I’m trying to make is we need to prioritize and focus on doing more of the things that are important and meaningful to us even if it’s in what seems like insignificant amounts. It’s certainly more practical to squeeze these smaller sessions into our busy schedules and compounded over time could yield very significant results!

And let’s face it. We’re most likely just wasting those incremental minutes on more bologna like reality tv shows and social media.

So what will you spend your some is better than none minutes (or money!) on this next year?

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