Come Find Me in the Woods

My husband is not afraid to be silly. He’s never one to deny his inner child. I really love this about him. My life would be far too serious without his frequent strokes of childlike genius.

Just yesterday at exactly 10am, he loaded up his backpack, hatchet and all, and proudly stated that he and Sparrow were taking off for a walk about the property to do a little exploring.

“If I’m not back by 2pm come find me. You know, in case of emergency.” He smiles back at me and off they go.

We live on five acres of wooded property so I only took him half seriously. I poured another cup of coffee and resumed my “office work” from the kitchen table.

At approximately 1:40 and just about the time I was thinking to myself “wow, it’s already almost 2pm and Neil’s not back yet” I hear him race up the front steps. But then he stops abruptly, puts his face and hands to the door, peers in to see if I’m around, our eyes lock but only for a second. Then he quickly opens the door, reaches in far enough to drop a note, smiles at me and then races back down the stairs again.

At least I know him and Sparrow are okay, but what is he up to?

The note, which he concisely wrote around the edge of a mini polaroid picture, simply stated “Come & find me. Come alone. Bring PB&Js, water & your cup.”

I’m still smiling about it.

Of course I was eager to oblige. I quickly packed the sandwiches, threw on a coat and adventured into my own backyard to find my husband.

I forgot how much fun it is to play hide and seek. I also forgot how skilled some hiders are! It took me a solid twenty minutes to find them.

Just fifty or so yards from the house, but tucked well into a thick passage of trees, I finally wander upon Neil and Sparrow quietly laying inside our Big Agnes backpacking tent, cover off, sipping tea and awaiting my arrival.

He had spent the morning clearing the peaceful spot into a cozy place to pitch our little tent. Completely hidden within the trees, but perfectly angled to catch the warmth from the descending sunshine, we laid in the tent with Sparrow between us and watched above as the birds continued to sing, a woodpecker chipped at the grand oak overhead, and two hawks majestically soared the blue sky for what seemed like a brief eternity.

“How do you like my new office?” he asked.

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