Let’s Go!

We’re on the road and getting close. Twenty hours down and seven to go until we reach our destination. We just crossed the state line into Texas and are currently traveling down Highway 6 through a vast sea of endless farm land and cow pastures in every direction I look. This is my first time traveling out west and I’m already loving the new landscapes. We can’t wait to see what beauty Colorado has to offer!


So far the cross country drive has been smooth sailing. I’m cozily writing this from the back of the Honda with big Wilson snuggled beside me. Lil Sparrow is riding co-pilot with her daddy. Big surprise, right?


We’re so excited our new journey has begun and can’t wait to share our adventures with you. In fact, we even have a theme song that perfectly captures our sentiments. It’s titled “Let’s Go” by the awesome Handsome and Gretyl duo. Such a great song and a great band. Take a listen. It’s sure to bring a little happiness to your day.

And remember to check back tomorrow when we tell you all about the rustic off-the-grid cabin that we’ll call home for at least the next four weeks. Did we mention there’s an outhouse and no running water? Oh yeah, this is going to be a wild experience for sure!

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