A Double Eagle Kind of Day

Saturday afternoon April 8th. Day one continued. Wow! Our first day here has been such a fun and relaxing day. I’ve already fallen fast in love with this place.

We slept in this morning. The extra sleep was greatly needed. Neil hasn’t slept this well in months! The cabin sits right on the edge of the Pinos Creek. We cracked the windows to bring in the cool crisp mountain air and were lulled fast to sleep by the rustling waters cascading over the rocks. Oh and boy are we quite the clever travelers! We packed up our “cloud” from home so that added an even better level of comfort to our first night. For those of you wondering what the “cloud” is… it’s our memory foam mattress topper, pillows, sheets, down alternative comforter and satiny fleece blanket all of which are white and super soft and fluffy like a cloud, hence the name. I mean… nothing beats sleeping in your own bed, right?

Day One The Cloud OverviewBreakfast was delicious! Scrambled eggs with cheesy grits, toast, orange juice and coffee. We are really enjoying this wood burning stove!

After breakfast, we took Wilson and Sparrow for a short walk about the property only to discover the place is much much larger than we expected. Oh yeah and by the way… there’s a legit nine hole golf course on the property. I kid you not! And a zip line! It’s like a theme park for nature lovers. This cabin owner is pretty darn awesome if you ask me.

Day One Legit Golf CourseDay One Neil at Flag

Wilson, despite his old age and weary legs, is having the time of his life. Sparrow, too! They both love the freedom to run through the grass, play in the snow, and frolic in the creek. Wilson can only go so far before tuckering out so after dropping him back at the cabin and eating a couple PB&Js, we ventured back out with Spare bear to finish surveying the land.

The owner, his name is Kevin, owns about 80 acres down the canyon. His family owns the land above him as well. And past the edge of their property lies the Rio Grande National Forest. How awesome is that! Upon returning to the cabin, we notice another SUV in the driveway. Kevin has come to visit, bring us some extra drinking water, and show us the need-to-know essentials of the cabin. He really has only one rule… Don’t burn down his cabin! Extra vigilant we will certainly be. Otherwise he’s a carefree down to earth kind of guy. Very friendly and personable. Hell, he even asked if we were up for a mini round of golf. “Just holes 1-3 for a little fun” he says. I’m glad I was encouraged to join them. We had a good time indeed and I even managed to hit the ball. In fact, I made par on hole two ahead of both guys. That’s a first. And probably a last. Lol. But during the mini round, Kevin tells us about his family’s ranching business located just 13 miles up the road. They raise their bison and cattle humanely, organically and sustainably allowing them to graze naturally from the pastures and drink from mountain streams. I couldn’t believe it! That’s just the kind of folks I want to meet and interview for my blog. I can’t wait to learn more.

After Kevin took off, we jumped into dinner mode. We had certainly worked up an appetite plus cooking and cleaning in the daylight is much easier than with lanterns. On the menu… grilled chicken thighs, roasted potatoes, and seasoned green beans. Simple but very tasty.

Time to shower and relax! We did pretty darn well with our first outside shower experience. We heated two large pots of water on the stove and also hung our towels nearby to warm up. Then we stepped outside, poured one pot over ourselves, quickly lathered up in the frigid mountain air and then dumped the second pot over us to rinse. It was quite chilly, but only for a short minute or two. We’ve already started brainstorming ideas to build a DIY overhead bucket shower. There’s also a four foot by two foot galvanized tub available for a stove-side bath. I might try that option tomorrow.

It’s been so much fun getting settled in today and starting to figure a few things out. There’s so much to learn. But trial and error is always a great teacher. And it’s very exciting to realize that we have miles and miles of great hiking and exploring just right outside the cabin.

I wonder what fun adventures await us tomorrow.

Day One Dream CatcherDay One Neil with DogsDay One Neil and WilsonDay One Neil and Sparrow

Side note for all of our dear friends and family following along… we have absolutely no phone or internet service at the cabin. We are, however, located within walking distance to the Rio Grande National Forest so I dare not complain. Lack of reception only adds to the seclusion and peacefulness. We do plan to write and take photos daily, but we’ll only be able to share posts when we venture into town. We’re going to try out the scheduled posts option to keep the stories flowing, but you’ll likely always be reading one or two days behind us. And please leave comments! We’d love to hear from everyone. Just remember it will likely take us 2-3 days to read and respond. With love & gratitude, Heather & Neil.



4 thoughts on “A Double Eagle Kind of Day

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  1. Sounds like you two (and the dogs) are settling right into this minimalist life style. The countryside looks beautiful…the outdoor shower not so much!
    Enjoy your adventure and stay safe!


  2. Love that you are having grits, you can take the southerners out of the south but you can’t take the south out of the southerners. 🙂

    Cabin looks wonderful, so glad you took “The Cloud”. 🙂

    Love that you have your AT mugs to enjoy your morning coffee.

    Hopefully the snow will be gone soon so you can really improve that golf game.

    Happy Easter you guys.

    Love JW and SS.

    Liked by 1 person

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