Our Own Walden

Saturday morning April 8th. Day one. We are finally here and this place is something special. Words can only partially describe how amazing and breathtakingly beautiful this cabin and the untarnished landscape surrounding us is. It’s wonderful in every sense of the word.


Today is our first day in the cabin. We arrived shortly before sunset yesterday and rushed to unpack the car and get settled before dark. We have only lanterns to provide light. This cabin is completely off the grid. No running water. No electricity. No phone or internet service. We don’t even have a bathroom. This morning was my first time ever using an outhouse. I must admit… it is quite the charming little outhouse. But don’t get me wrong… you still have to walk outside and sit on top of a cold toilet seat fixated over a deep bucket. However, the man who owns this cabin is clearly an eccentric artist at heart and he’s added an element of charm and character to every square inch of this place; including the frigid outhouse.


People think we’re a little nuts for actually wanting to live this way for a couple months. But I love the lack of luxuries. I love the simplicity. It feels very soothing to my over-stressed soul and I can only imagine how therapeutic the entire eight weeks will be. I have no doubt in my mind that Neil and I could live this way for years on end. In fact, I have a very strong feeling that we are destined to build our own Walden homestead someday down the road.


There is something about this kind of simple lifestyle that seems inherently right and naturally satisfying to me, not to mention frugal and sustainable. But most importantly, this way of living is very quiet and peaceful.

Doing is always the best way to learn and I am very excited for all the lessons coming up. I don’t expect every adventure to be a walk in the park. Quite the contrary. I know we will face challenges as well. But I am ready for both the adventures and the challenges. I am ready for some of nature’s tests. The only way to fail is to give up. But we are here to adapt and grow. We are also here to learn something about ourselves… to reconnect with our true selves, to tap into that part of us that connects us to every other living thing. Is that our soul? Our animal spirit? We don’t know yet, but we’re here to try and find out. And I couldn’t possibly imagine a better or more beautiful place than this secluded cabin and canyon deep in the woods to serve as our retreat into nature.


Side note for all of our dear friends and family following along… we have absolutely no phone or internet service at the cabin. We are, however, located within walking distance to the Rio Grande National Forest so I dare not complain. Lack of reception only adds to the seclusion and peacefulness. We do plan to write and take photos daily, but we’ll only be able to share posts when we venture into town. We’re going to try out the scheduled posts option to keep the stories flowing, but you’ll likely always be reading one or two days behind us. And please leave comments! We’d love to hear from everyone. Just remember it will likely take us 2-3 days to read and respond. With love & gratitude, Heather & Neil.

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  1. We love you guys! Congrats on doing what makes you happy. Most of us can only dream of accomplishing what you both have! Can’t wait to keep up with yalls adventures, and to hopefully see you soon! ❤️


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