Munger Canyon Trail

We woke up naturally at 8:15. No need to set any alarms here. We had another great night of sleep and I think this will be the new norm. There is an aura of peacefulness all around us.

Neil cooked us chicken omelettes with hash-browns for breakfast. He’s a fast learner and will be a master wood stove cook before long. We actually have a propane stove available in the kitchen, but so far we are both more than content to use the wood stove.

After breakfast, we geared up and headed out for our first of many to come adventures… Munger Canyon Trail. This trail head is literally within 100 yards or so from the cabin. Kevin’s family have used these canyon trails for many generations to drive their cattle from one family pasture to another. I believe he said since the early 1900’s. That is so fascinating to me. Talk about family heritage.


What a beautiful day to hike this beautiful trail. Sunny blue skies. High around 60 degrees. Very windy. We explored the trail and the creek that runs along it. We went about as far north as we could before the snow became too deep. There’s a stack of snow shoes in the shed and we’ll be sure to grab two pairs next time.

On the trek back towards the cabin, we noticed a rock face located high above us on the ridgeline. Being the thrill seekers we are, we decided to give the hike up a go. It was more like a climb than a hike. Very steep incline. I’m not going to lie… I got pretty scared about three quarters of the way up and wanted to turn back, but Neil and Sparrow convinced me to keep going. We made it to the top in no time. I’m extremely happy I summoned the courage to get past my fears because the view was spectacular. We are literally standing at the highest point of this ridgeline and in every direction you look all you see is miles and miles of mountain peaks, the tallest still covered in snow caps, and a sea of beautiful green trees. It was magical.

And can you believe Sparrow scaled that rocky incline like a champ? I was, however, quite the nervous moma especially when her daddy invited her to the edge of the rock face for a photo. She’s much braver than I… I would only get within two to three feet. It was a long drop down! I guess after a few more climbs, I’ll become more confident in my footing. I’m not afraid of heights per say. It’s a beautiful thrill indeed to be on top of the world. It’s the plummeting to my death or disfigurement that I fear!

The descent back down was not nearly as demanding as the climb up. It took us about an hour to hike up and only about 30 minutes to trek back down. With it being so close to the cabin, I’m sure we’ll scale that ridge a few more times before we leave. Or maybe we’ll just choose a new mountain to hike each day. We’re just living in the moment and enjoying every day as it comes.



4 thoughts on “Munger Canyon Trail

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  1. Love, love, love the photos! Be careful up there on the edge of those rocks and please don’t let Sparrow get too close. Looks like you two are in your element. Enjoy!


  2. I’m loving the pics too, puts a huge smile on my face. Its so busy at work right now that I am so envious of what you are doing. When I finally get home at night and I see a post from your blog in my inbox it makes my day. Your hike looked wonderful. Pics of our cycle on the Greenway came up on my Facebook page the other day, that was a year ago. 🙂

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