Golden Bear

Neil was a real sweetheart this morning and let me sleep in while he got the fire and breakfast going. When I woke up I was greeted with a fresh cup of hot coffee and lots of love and slobbery kisses from our two brown bears.

During breakfast, Neil explained it was imperative we play a round of mountain golf this afternoon so he could break out his Golden Bear golf shirt to wear in honor of our good buddy Dave Ellsworth. They have a little inside golf buddy’s joke about the shirt. Unfortunately, the weather had other ideas and turned on us shortly into our game, but we had fun hitting holes one through three at least.

Once upon a time, Neil attempted to teach me the game of golf. I’m pretty sure that’s been at least ten years ago now. Boy, time sure flies by fast. Neil bought me my own set of clubs and a pair of shoes. What he couldn’t buy me was the patience required to learn the game. It’s not a fast game or an easy-to-learn sport by any means and I’ve always been a competitive quick learner, but golf got the best of me back then. I found it too tedious and slow and after only a few weeks put my clubs aside. Here we are years later and I do still remember a few of the rules Neil taught me. Mainly, that you always keep your head down until you hit the ball and it’s all in the hips. It’s been a lot of fun practicing the couple times we’ve played here. More fun than I previously remember. My guess is I was taking the sport too seriously back in the day. It’s just a game. You just got to get loose and have fun. That’s what it’s all about anyways.

Only a decade later, but I guess Neil will make a golf buddy out of me after all.

Here’s to you David! Thanks for encouraging us to get out and play today. We’ll have to resume our game sometime after this storm blows over. We don’t know if we’re about to get rain or snow and that’s pretty exciting! Time to get the fire roaring so we can get warm and cozy to enjoy our first storm here in this Colorado canyon.

PS – This is our last post until Monday when we hit the road again to tent camp for two weeks. Then we return to this awesome cabin for our final three weeks before heading back to Charleston for the summer.

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  1. Gotta love the Golden Bear shirt! Thanks for breaking it out. Can’t believe Kevin carved out a 9 hole golf course in the middle of nowhere with elevated tee boxes no less. Pretty sweet!

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