Old Man Wilson

Old man Wilson

Such a trooper you are

With such weary legs

To make it so far


Up those rocky hills

And down muddy slopes

We knew you could make it

We didn’t lose hope


Along Burro Creek

We trekked at least a mile

But to see you play in the beaver dam pond

Brought us all a big smile


Old man Wilson

You may be slow and at times hard to steer

But I’m grateful to have this special time with you

We’re so glad you’re here


We all needed these mountains

Some space to frolic and play

A chance to live in the moment

A chance to live for today


The years pass by so fast

Old man Wilson you’re almost ten

But it brings joy to my heart

To see such pep in your step once again


We all needed these mountains

And a breath of fresh air

To revive our tired spirits

With you old man Wilson

Our big beloved brown bear


4 thoughts on “Old Man Wilson

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    1. He truly is having the time of his life here! I call him the “creek monster” b/c we can’t keep him out. He loves getting his feet wet. I can’t for the life of me figure out how he can stand in that near freezing water for lengths at a time. I’m suffering at a mere ten seconds! 🙂


  1. these are all so sweet, every detail conveys how you take this in with a full and supple heart! And you’ve given back so much, too. Thank you for sharing Wilson and yourselves with us.

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