May Day Celebration

“No matter how long the Winter, Spring is sure to follow.” – Proverb

Neil and I had such a great time at the annual May Day party this year in Del Norte and are thankful for the invitation. What a fantastic tradition to get together with friends, neighbors and family to celebrate the thawing of winter and the bloom of spring. I haven’t celebrated May Day since I was a little girl in elementary school. But I remember it already being hot in South Carolina and well into spring when we spent the day outside playing school yard games and ending the celebration with the traditional maypole ribbon dance.

Although the kids didn’t decorate a pole in colorful ribbons, the community did decorate a flat bed truck with a colorful array of delicious food to share. Potluck parties are the best. Everyone brings a dish and enjoys the bounty! Neil made his famous toasted coconut chocolate chip cookies to share; cooked perfectly in the wood burning stove I might add. And although I don’t eat meat often, the wild caught boar on the barbecue tasted as savory as it smelled. And of course, there was music and a fire to enjoy. 


Nothing brings folks together better than good food and a bonfire. There is something so warm and comforting in this simple tradition. However, this was no normal bonfire. We had a small fire going the entire evening, but the host also prepared a grand ceremonious fire as the May Day highlight. And by grand, I mean very very large. I’d estimate those logs were stacked at least fifteen feet high. The kids made a fun albeit dangerous jungle gym out of the pile until the lighting ceremony began. Every year the theme changes and this year David chose a door to represent new opportunities.

Neil and I love a good bonfire and we’ve hosted some great ones ourselves. This one was definitely a good one. It was a melting pot of both old and new. Being surrounded by friends and family, enjoying food and music together around a warm fire all felt so familiar and comforting yet the faces, the stories told, and the breathtaking landscape were new and exciting. 

Welcoming new opportunities and treasuring traditions can sometimes seem paradoxical. I think the sweet spot is finding a nice balance between the two. Be bold and willing to try new things, visit new places and meet new people. The world is blooming with beautiful experiences many of which can help us grow and blossom from within. But don’t forget your roots and where you come from, respect your family, honor your hometown community and visit often. As much as we are enjoying our time here in Colorado, I do find myself at times missing our family and friends from back home. They say time apart makes the heart grow fonder. I’m glad we’ll be back in Charleston for the summer and you can bet a potluck bonfire on the beach will soon follow. 

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