Home Sweet Home

We’ve made it safely back to Charleston this week. The initial two day drive to Colorado was more taxing than we anticipated so we decided to take our time driving back across the country. Almost two weeks actually.

We spent the first week camping in the Ozark National Forest near White Rock Mountain. We certainly enjoyed the warmth and beautiful green canopy of trees, but the humidity, bugs, and noisy campers not so much. I guess when you spend the greater part of two months in serene solitude you become much more sensitive to the cacophonous and somewhat crude campground environment. People were obnoxiously loud (at this particular campground anyways). So we ventured off to a lovely hideaway lagoon off of Hurricane Creek to pass our time with more peace and privacy and even there we couldn’t fully escape the indecency. The first day we were disrupted by a group of kids. Well, just one kid really. The other kids in the group played and swam as children commonly do, but this one kid thought it was acceptable to scream profane words as loud and often as possible. Kids will be kids… I guess? But I’ll be damned if the second day we didn’t have a grown adult drive by and throw his beer can out the window. I was livid. Here we are in an otherwise beautiful National Forest celebrating Memorial Day Weekend and some nitwit thinks it’s okay to throw his garbage into the creek. Of course he had no idea we were down below enjoying the scenery, but that’s beside the point. Who blatantly throws garbage out the window? Let’s just say we were more than eager to leave the campground and get back on the road to South Carolina.

From there, we spent four days in Gilbert (our hometown) with our good friends, Cory and Jaime and their daughter, Addison, which was of course a lot of fun. We played in the pool, grilled delicious food, went tubing at Lake Murray, watched a movie, played Uno attack, and went out on the back roads for boiled peanuts and sno-cones. And we brought Addison back the perfect Colorado gift! She loves rocks and puzzles, so we brought her back a cairn puzzle, aka, a bag of rocks. In Colorado, and I’m sure in many other places, rocks are commonly stacked on top of one another to form beautiful trail markers called cairns. She was a natural and had all 20 rocks balanced into her first cairn in less than fifteen minutes.

And now we are back home in the ever beautiful low country where it’s even more hot, humid and buggy than Arkansas, but we’re in the company of our beloved friends and family so it’s all “cool” and we’re delighted to be home for the summer.

Shout outs: A big thank you to Cory and Jaime for having us over this week. We love spending time with you and Addison. She’s growing up too fast! Can’t wait for y’all to visit this summer for some beach fun.

Thank you Jonathan and Stuart for the wonderful dinner and conversation Thursday evening. I’ve been craving delicious healthy food and that salad was super scrumptious.

And another thank you to Adam and Leah for taking us out on the boat Friday night for a sunset cruise to Botany Island. What a fun and lovely homecoming treat!

Captain Adam
Sunset cruise to Botany Island

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