Hi, I’m Heather and I’m on a quest to simplify my life and live the way nature intended… wild and free.

I’m also on a mission to serve and help protect our environment and the wildlife that depend upon it’s preservation.

I’ve always been a tree-hugging animal-lover at heart and I’m ready to live and work directly for the causes I’m passionate about. That’s why my husband and I are selling our business and all of our possessions to travel and advocate for environmental and animal welfare.

Be Wild and Live Free is a place for me to capture our adventures and share our mission through a mix of storytelling, photography and journalism. 

I’ve set three primary intentions for myself and this site. I like to think of them as my personal roadmap to make sure I stay focused and heading in the right direction. My main goals for life and writing go like this. I aspire…

  1. To make choices and take actions that allow me to Be Wild and Live Free – For me, this means to live an adventurous minimalistic lifestyle, reduce my carbon footprint, and embrace the concept that less is truly more… I want to work less and live more. Settle less and discover more. Want less and appreciate more. Need less and give more. Consume less and experience more. Worry less and love more. Doesn’t that sound liberating!
  2. To inspire and encourage others to Be Wild and Live Free – I want to motivate more people to follow their hearts and chase big dreams. We only get this one life. Just one! Get out there and live! Don’t wait until tomorrow or next year. Live your life now! Find your purpose, pursue it and have fun. 
  3. To advocate the importance that all living things deserve the opportunity to Be Wild and Live Free – We have only this one planet to call home and it is our duty to protect the environment, not only for our own health and well-being, but also for the countless plants and animals that depend on their natural ecosystems to survive. We ALL need a healthy planet to thrive. 

We have to be the change we wish to see in the world! And it starts from within each and everyone of us. Let’s get in touch with our inner child and reconnect with the natural world. Let’s explore and play and re-discover how simple and joyful life can truly be.

Thank you for your interest in our journey. I’m thrilled you’re here and I hope you find the information and stories I share to be fun, useful and uplifting.

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