Make it to the Top

We forged our own path up the mountain side this afternoon. Neil had one goal in mind... let's make it to the top! We climbed over rocks, crossed the creek twice, trekked through thick forrest, meandered through bare prickly bushes, and hiked through deep patches of snow, but we finally made it to the top... Continue Reading →

Off the Grid Acclimations

We are adapting quite well to this off the grid lifestyle... when at the cabin. We're becoming masters at cooking on the wood burning stove. Neil made THE BEST bison chili the other night. The bison came from Kevin's ranch just 14 miles up the road and was only $14 for two pounds. What a deal!... Continue Reading →

Munger Canyon Trail

We woke up naturally at 8:15. No need to set any alarms here. We had another great night of sleep and I think this will be the new norm. There is an aura of peacefulness all around us. Neil cooked us chicken omelettes with hash-browns for breakfast. He's a fast learner and will be a... Continue Reading →

A Double Eagle Kind of Day

Saturday afternoon April 8th. Day one continued. Wow! Our first day here has been such a fun and relaxing day. I've already fallen fast in love with this place. We slept in this morning. The extra sleep was greatly needed. Neil hasn't slept this well in months! The cabin sits right on the edge of... Continue Reading →

Our Own Walden

Saturday morning April 8th. Day one. We are finally here and this place is something special. Words can only partially describe how amazing and breathtakingly beautiful this cabin and the untarnished landscape surrounding us is. It’s wonderful in every sense of the word. Today is our first day in the cabin. We arrived shortly before... Continue Reading →

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