Take the Snowshoes!

We are so stubborn sometimes! We've been told at least three times now... "take snowshoes!" But once again we set out yesterday to hike along Burro Creek towards Bennet Peak and San Francisco Lakes and to our dismay left the snowshoes behind. The night before we got out the map and I made us a... Continue Reading →

Make it to the Top

We forged our own path up the mountain side this afternoon. Neil had one goal in mind... let's make it to the top! We climbed over rocks, crossed the creek twice, trekked through thick forrest, meandered through bare prickly bushes, and hiked through deep patches of snow, but we finally made it to the top... Continue Reading →

Munger Canyon Trail

We woke up naturally at 8:15. No need to set any alarms here. We had another great night of sleep and I think this will be the new norm. There is an aura of peacefulness all around us. Neil cooked us chicken omelettes with hash-browns for breakfast. He's a fast learner and will be a... Continue Reading →

Come Find Me in the Woods

My husband is not afraid to be silly. He's never one to deny his inner child. I really love this about him. My life would be far too serious without his frequent strokes of childlike genius. Just yesterday at exactly 10am, he loaded up his backpack, hatchet and all, and proudly stated that he and... Continue Reading →

Nothing Beats a New Adventure

I love trekking into unknown territories. The anticipation, the curiosity, the unfamiliarity is all so exciting to me. I don’t always know what to expect, but I’m still eager to get out there… to not only see what lies ahead, but to hear it, to feel it, to truly experience it for better or worse.... Continue Reading →

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