Old Man Wilson

Old man Wilson Such a trooper you are With such weary legs To make it so far   Up those rocky hills And down muddy slopes We knew you could make it We didn't lose hope   Along Burro Creek We trekked at least a mile But to see you play in the beaver dam... Continue Reading →

Come Find Me in the Woods

My husband is not afraid to be silly. He's never one to deny his inner child. I really love this about him. My life would be far too serious without his frequent strokes of childlike genius. Just yesterday at exactly 10am, he loaded up his backpack, hatchet and all, and proudly stated that he and... Continue Reading →

Here and Now

As this first day of the new year draws to a close, I am feeling a mix of emotions when I think back on the past and look forward to the future. I feel excited and eager. I also feel a little anxious and uneasy. We live in uncertain times to say the least. But... Continue Reading →

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