Finding Harmony

In my last post, Finding Rhythm, I reflect briefly on our two month trip to Colorado and touch on how the experience compared to my initial expectations. Although I never found the groove I was originally seeking, I happily succumbed to the quiet of the mountains and in that stillness, I began to hear the... Continue Reading →

Our Own Walden

Saturday morning April 8th. Day one. We are finally here and this place is something special. Words can only partially describe how amazing and breathtakingly beautiful this cabin and the untarnished landscape surrounding us is. It’s wonderful in every sense of the word. Today is our first day in the cabin. We arrived shortly before... Continue Reading →

Come Find Me in the Woods

My husband is not afraid to be silly. He's never one to deny his inner child. I really love this about him. My life would be far too serious without his frequent strokes of childlike genius. Just yesterday at exactly 10am, he loaded up his backpack, hatchet and all, and proudly stated that he and... Continue Reading →

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